Inside MY PATH - My Path Journal
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Inside MY PATH


Step 1: Clarify your Dream

The journal starts with questions to get to know yourself  by visualising your path and setting your goals. This helps you realise who you are and your dream in greater detail, so you can decide what is your first step to start moving your way. You ready?

Step 2: Create your Intention

Segmenting your overall vision into smaller time frames helps make the goal more achievable because you can see your progress. The journal has colour-coded pages for an annual goal, 6 month, 3 month and 30 days, continuing on to daily entries.

Step 3: Start your Path

Daily entries are structured as morning and evening “write-outs” for attaining your goals aligned with your yearly vision. These include daily goals to accumulate success, gratitude, affirmations as well as a positive reflection of the day.

*Example Page

Morning Write-Out

Motivational Quote to start your day with positive feelings and action.
Today will be a Wonderful Experience keeps you focused while looking for opportunities that will help you succeed.
Daily Affirmation is a thought to tell yourself through the day to stay energised.
Daily Goal puts focus on the most important thing that needs to get done today.
30 Day Idea Focus opens your creative side that was hidden in your mind.

Evening Write-Out

A Wonderful Thing that Happened Today reflect back on pleasant experiences through your day.
Life Lesson Learned Today helps you grow mentally and spiritually.
Mind, Body and Spirit Food reminding us to feed all 3 aspects of ourselves.
*Example Page